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Collaborative Robot Solution In Malaysia

Collaborative Robot

A collaborative robot, or cobot robot, is a robot used for direct human-robot interaction in a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity.

DNC is proud to partner with Doosan Robotics Korea to provide collaborative robot solutions in Malaysia. DNC provides collaborative robots that are already in use in hundreds of production environments in Malaysia and Singapore.

Collaborative robots are a relatively new invention in the robotics industry, but already, there are several different kinds. Their instant success in a wide range of industries has spurred rapid product innovation. The different types of collaborative robots are defined by their safety and programming features, or the way in which they avoid potentially dangerous encounters with human workers. Each type of collaborative robot deploys unique methods and technologies to maintain a safe operating space – this difference defines which environments they’re best suited for.

Types of collaborative robots

Various functions can be added to maximize the performance and production efficiency of collaborative robots. Here are some available options for Doosan robots.

A Series

Doosan Collaborative Robot A Series

Almighty A-SERIES
A-SERIES can go anywhere!
With its superior speed and cost-effectiveness,

A-SERIES promises a simple solution and a satisfaction to whom may be hesitant to get a cobot

Payload 5kg
Reach 900mm

Payload 9kg
Reach 1200mm

Payload 9kg
Reach 1200mm

Payload 9kg
Reach 1200mm

collaborative robot A Series

A+ Safety
PL e Cat 4
Proven by the highest international safety level*, trustful safe work environment is ensured
*Performance Level Emergency Stop, Safe Torque Off (STO), and Safe Brake Control (SBC)


Reduced cycle time and excellent cost-effectiveness promises the shortest time for your ROI.
10% faster work speed on average combined with competitive price shortens your ROI period.

A+ Customization
Customers have a choice of High-tech force sensor model for more delicate tasks requiring human like dexterity.
Force control accuracy of FTS(Force Torque Sensor) is twice as high as competitors, ensuring higher ×2 performance and outcome.


A+ Speed
The high-end hardware, created by Doosan’s world class technology, promises quick and flawless performance on any task with the highest speed in the industry along with the remarkable acceleration.
Twice faster joint speed enhances productivity, efficiency and effectiveness on any tasks.

H Series

Doosan Collaborative Robot H Series

Collaborative Robot H Series

High-Power H-SERIES
H-SERIES is the most powerful cobot in the market.

Outstanding 25kg payload and 6 torque sensors
brings safe work environment for any kind of application

High+ Payload
Astonishing payload,
easily handles heavy objects
up to 25kg

High+ Safety
Guarantees superb safety
with the industry’s best collision
sensitivity powered by
6 torque sensors and
counterbalance mechanism

High+ Flexibility
Half the robot weight than cobots
in the same class provides more
flexible workspace settings
with its ease of repositioning,
AMR linking and installing of the robot

M Series

Doosan Collaborative Robot M Series

Masterpiece M-SERIES
M-SERIES is the highest quality premium cobot!


6 high-tech torque sensors provide the highest dexterity

for highly sophisticated tasks and ensure the upmost safety
with the highest collision sensitivity

collaborative robot M series

Master+ Safety
The high-tech torque sensor is
capable of detecting subtle force
changes of up to 0.2 N, providing
the best collision sensitivity level
for safety in the industry

Master+ Force Control
6 high-tech torque sensors capable
of sophisticated tasks contribute
to high-level force control and
compliance control

Master+ Setup
The Smart Setup function allows
quick system installation and
immediate operation, as it automatically
measures inclination angles,
tool position and weight

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