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//Automatic Guarded vehicle
AGV Solution in Malaysia

Automatic Guarded Vehicle (AGV)

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions systems automate workflows by managing and executing transport tasks based on optimized and flexible strategies. The systems are very flexible. If you need more throughput, just add more AGVs. Compared to conveyors, AGVs boasts more flexibility and easy to transport around the facility. One AGV can replace the other during maintenance, providing maximum availability in your daily operation.

The AGV is ideal for most types of material handling, AGVs are able to safely and reliably fulfill their duties. With modern navigation options and customized load handling, these AGVs are efficient in highly complex logistics systems as well as simple A-B scenarios. Our AGVs can operate as a stand-alone system or connected to an ERP, as a fully integrated subsystem of a complete plant in Malaysia.

  • High performance vehicle
  • Best in class payload to size ratio
  • Modular design
  • Multipurpose applications can be implemented
  • Multiple navigation systems are possible
  • Complete reconfigurability protects ROI and reduces TCO
  • Full compatibility with other Kollmorgen-based AGV systems
  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Full connectivity and diagnostic Factory 4.0 ready
  • Human-robot collaborative (safe)
  • Improved safety and ergonomics compared to traditional solutions
  • Simplified maintenance
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