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Drum Filling

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Drum Filling can be a challenging process where quality and consistency of each drum is needed to maintain to achieve maximum efficiency. With automation processes from automatic moving of drum, automatic alignment, to automatic filling, and automatic palletizing, semi-automatic and automatic drum filling systems, DNC can provide a total automation solution that best fits user’s applications in hazardous or sanitary areas. The built-to-purpose system ensures production efficiency, prevent over and under filling, sustain quality and consistency of each drum, while at the same time reducing the labour count, keeping you to be one of the readiest industry towards Industry

Automatic Bottle Filling Line

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With the rapid growth of food technology, powdery food is becoming a norm due to its convenience and ease of consumption. Powder handling solution can be used to control any type of powder either as a raw material such as sugar, milk powder, salt, flour; or as a finished product like instant formula, instant drinks or dry broth. DNC can offer a whole spectrum of total powder handling system, ranging from filling and emptying, conveying, weighing, mixing, feeding, sifting to detailed recipe control, rapid recipe changeovers, monitoring system, inspection management, quality control and batch tracing. Innovation of the system comes through our engineers thinking creatively with process knowledge of clients to design reliable and pragmatic solutions that meets food safety with highest hygiene, customer demands, requires minimal maintenance, with easy and safe operation

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