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//Automatic Palletising

Automatic Palletising

Palletizer System Solution


A palletizer is a machine that provides automatic means for sorting, transferring and stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet; usually at the end of a manufacturing line. DNC positions as the leading provider of palletizer system solution in Malaysia; we have various palletizer solution such as floor level palletizers, high- level palletizers, inline palletizer, robotic palletizer & etc.


What is Floor Level Palletizer?

Floor Level Palletizer Machine is designed to fit your warehouse & production needs. It offers advanced safety features & easy control using product management software to operate the machine. Floor level palletizers, when compared to high level palletizers, are generally lower in cost and provide easier access to the entire machine.


What is High-level palletizers?

When design and floor space are at a premium, the High-Level Palletizer is perfectly adapted to do the job. Reaching speeds of up to 50 units per minute (depending on sizes, stacking pattern and configuration), the High-Level Palletizer can handle several types of containers, including cases, totes, trays, jugs, pails, bags, etc.


What is Robotic Palletizer?

Robotic palletizing systems automate the process of stacking product onto pallets. They can also be programmed to depalletize – an essential part of many production lines. Robotic Palletizer offers standard and highly customizable palletizing system that can enhance your productivity and save the extra cost. Our robotic palletizer is flexible and can handle most of the product sizes that comes with guarantee handling rates.

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