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Weighbridge System

A truck scale or weighbridge is a set of scale which is used to weigh bulk items and mounted by the truck scale manufacturers on a concrete surface. It has a digital monitor that displays the weight of the vehicle weighed. Truck scale are mainly used for weighing large vehicles like trucks or rail containers where the movement of goods is done through vehicles. Reliable and accurate weighing helps the industry by giving them the exact figures to maintain their goods inward and goods outward.

The truck scale are widely used in industries like mining, quarries, electrical equipment, iron and steel, household goods, metal, liquid industry, powder industry, where bulk movement occurs.

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What Are The Components Of a Weighbridge Station

Almost all weighbridges have components in common, which work together to measure weight. It is important for a buyer to know these components well to determine the truck scale best suited to meet their needs. There are some concepts that you should know before selecting a weighbridge for your business:


A scale may be installed over an excavation, allowing the driving surface to be flush with the ground. It also may be installed in an above-ground configuration with approaches allowing the truck to drive onto, and off of, the scale. Either way, permanent installations use a concrete foundation.


Also known as the weighbridge’s deck, it is the structure that creates the road surface for trucks. The platform is usually composed of modular sections that are assembled together to cover the desired length. The modules can be manufactured with a tear-lacquered surface or designed to be filled with concrete, creating a concrete surface.

Load cells

It is the load cells that measure the weight on the truck scale. Modern models use load cells as elements integrated into the structure. This means that the platform is supported on the load cells. There are a few different types of truck scale load cells, and they are usually placed at the angles of each platform module.


This is control panel of your weighbridge, it’s the piece where the operator is going to check the weight and it’s the piece that, generally, serves as connection point to other peripherals of the truck scale, like viewers, etc…


In most cases, it’s through them that load cells transmit their electrical signals to the terminal in order to make it possible to measure and visualize the weight.

Junction box

Many scales require numerous junction boxes as connection points for the load cell cables. The junction boxes combine the signals from the load cells and eventually connect to the terminal with a single cable. However, some newer systems no longer require junction boxes.

Information management

Handwritten weighing slips gave way to printed forms. Truck weighing management software plays a key role for companies, small or large, allowing to accelerate weighing times and reduce the risk of error.


This can include traffic controls, such as gates and lights. Remote weight displays that let the truck driver view the weight are also popular. Special equipment can be incorporated into the scale, such as cameras and radiation sensors. Additionally, some sites take advantage of new automation and self-service capabilities.

Industrial Weighing System Solution

The weighbridge weighs vehicles dependably and accurately, even in tough industrial environments. Each weighbridge is built to last with a rugged design, robust weight sensors, and high-quality manufacturing – all backed by industry-leading warranty options.

These rugged vehicle scales can either be surface or pit mounted, depending on the location and use of the scale. We provide a wide variety of weighbridges to suit all types of applications; Each weighbridge is fully factory assembled and performance tested prior to shipment. It can be paired with a range of indicators, software, and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution.

How Do Weighbridge Work

The entire steel platform is mounted on load cells. Each load cell is comprised of a durable material such as steel or concrete with one or more strain gauges attached to or embedded in it. A strain gauge consists of a wire (or wires) that transmits a mild electric current.

As the cell is subjected to weight, the wire in the load cell strain gauge is altered or compressed slightly. The change in the wire results in a difference in the resistance to the current passing through it.

The analog signal from each load cell is sent to the junction box. Junction box combine the signals of multiple load cells and then transmit the summed signal to weighbridge controller. The controller digitizes the signal from the junction box using analog to digital converter (ADC) and weigh is registered on LED display.

The weight of the payload, including the weight of the truck, is measured by first driving the truck onto the weighbridge; this weight is referred to as the gross weight. To obtain the weight of the payload (the net weight) the tare weight (the weight of the empty truck) must then be subtracted from the gross weight.

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