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This is a wide range of top industrial robotics companies in the world, who use industrial robots to suit industry requirements and can work continuously for years, consistently meeting high manufacturing quality standards. Industrial robotics have become an indispensable part of manufacturing  due to their persistent accuracy. We can expect  a high level of expertise, efficiency from the industrial robotics as they have attained a high-value preference in the field of industrial automation.


Here we have listed out the top industrial robotics companies in DNC solutions

  • Comau Robot Malaysia
  • Doosan Robot Malaysia
  • Kuka Robot Malaysia
  • ABB Robot Malaysia
  • Nachi Robot Malaysia
  • Fanuc Robot Malaysia
  • Yaskawa Robot Malaysia

Robotic Pick & Place

DNC produce high-quality pick and place robot cells to increase productivity, reduce labour costs, and manage the increased pressure of a modern-day workplace. We have a skilled team of designers and engineers that use creative concepts and design processes to ensure we implement the correct automatic picking solution for our customers’ needs.

We have developed innovative pick and place robots to handle process plant loading, ingot stacking, machine tending, robotic assembly/manufacture, plastic trimming, and inspection. We’ve helped a number of businesses achieve automation success by installing a solution system that was bespoke to their business needs. Not only is it imperative to implement the correct solution to a pick and place application, but it’s also necessary to have the ability to deliver and service that automation solution in the future.

We have an expansive design capability with decades of experience in bespoke and differentiating products across multiple industries, such as food & Beverages, Automotive and electronic industry so you can rest assured we’ve got the creative experience to design, build, test, and install a robotic pick and place solution that is suitable and beneficial for your business.

We manufacture all of our own supplementary equipment and have in-house controls and software division. This allows us to have complete control of a project, not only during installation but throughout the working life of a pick and place robot cell from design through to servicing to ensure the system stays efficient for your business.

Key features of our pick and place robots:
Only reputable robots supplied: Comau Robot, ABB Robot, Kuka Robot and Fanuc Robot
Design and simulation of cells
In-house manufacture of associated equipment
In-house test facilities
In-house design
In-house design of the end of arm tooling
Training and development of operators
Local preventive maintenance

Robotic Welding

DNC Automation provide robotic welding in the industrial sector, being driven mainly by the automotive sector for the last several decades. Robotic welding is most productive when completing high-volume, repetitive welding tasks. Comau Robot Controller is able to communicate with Fronius and Magmeet welding controller by DeviceNet which will able to provide best performance on welding result.

There are several different types of robotic welding processes, each with its own benefits and types of applications.

Arc Welding
An electric arc between an electrode and metal base produces an intense heat to melt and intermix two parts. Arc welding is used for applications calling for high accuracy and repeatability.


Resistance Welding
A current is passed between two metal pieces of metal, a pool is formed by the resulting heat, and the two pieces are joined together. Resistance welding is the most economical form of robotic welding and is best for heat-treating projects.


Spot Welding
A type of resistance welding, spot welding joins thin metals that resist electrical currents. It’s typically used in the automotive industry to join sheet metal frames together.


TIG Welding
A high-quality process where an arc is formed between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the metal part. Also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), TIG welding is used when precision is of the utmost importance.


MIG Welding
A high deposition rate process that involves feeding a wire continuously toward the heated weld tip. Also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), it is best for applications where system simplicity and speed are desirable.


Laser Welding
A laser generator delivers via a fiber optic cable a laser light through a robotic cutting head to weld pieces together. Laser welding, including remote laser welding for hard to reach weld locations, is often used in high volume applications that require high accuracy, such as the automotive sector or in the medical or jewellery industries.


Plasma Welding
Ionized gas passes through a copper nozzle to produce extremely high temperatures. Plasma welding is used when flexibility is required, as velocity and temperatures can be easily adjusted.

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