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Checkweigher System Solution Malaysia

Dynamic Check weighing is a method of safeguarding within the food and packaging industries for product weights. A Checkweigher system will check the weights of products whilst in motion, rejecting any products that are over or under the set weight. All our Checkweigher systems are approved to both OIML and MID (EC TAC) specifications and include Automatic Mean Weight correct, which helps to ensure weight legislation.

A reliable checkweigher can provide solutions for the safety or the quality of industries’ product such as food and allied, rubber, mining, pharmaceuticals and etc. Can be installed either in the processing line or after packing of a product.


AND Checkweigher Supplier Malaysia

The AND checkweigher consists of four units: an infeed conveyor unit, a weighing conveyor unit, and a base unit, allowing fast and simple assembly in the case of system shutdown, you do not need to wait for a service engineer to respond to the issue. Just simply replace the unresponsive module by yourself, so that you can shorten system downtime and maximize production efficiency.

With the newly developed digital load cell and an ultra-high speed processing module, high-level precision of 0.08g has been realized. It is also protected from dust and water. Hygienic design with the entire system washable. The display utilises a high visibility touch panel colour LCD with user-friendly Graphic User Interface.


DNC Checkweigher Supplier Malaysia

Dynamic Checkweighing assures and optimises the specified weight of your products. The high accuracy and maximum throughput of the minneba Intec checkweighers allows optimal sorting, classification, completeness checking as well as optimisation of nominal quantities filled.

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