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Comau AGV Agile1500

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“This is the first model within the Comau automated guided vehicles platform; it is based upon Comau’s open automation design approach.
Agile1500 is now equipped with a long lasting lithium battery which makes automatic opportunity charging possible. The two laser scanners on the front and rear guarantee efficient and safe navigation. This Comau AGV is capable of transporting up to 1.5 tons; it can be reconfigured with specific automatic and flexible equipment and is suitable for a wide range of industrial and logistical sectors.”

Comau has commercialized an innovative AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) platform that is flexible enough to be deployed across a wide range of manufacturing and nonmanufacturing scenarios. Agile 1500 is the first automated guided vehicle within the new AGV platform and fully expresses Comau’s open automation design approach.

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