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Warehouse Racking System

Malaysia Warehouse Racking System Supplier. Here in DNC Automation Sdn Bhd, we specialize in our wide range of racking systems and providing warehouse solutions to our clients throughout Malaysia. We pride ourselves in our manufactured rack systems that are all durable and top quality. Our rack systems can vary from Boltless Rack Shelving, Cantilever Racks, Display Racks, Selective Pallet Racking System, and Light Duty Racking system.

warehouse racking system

Types of Industrial Racking for the Warehouse

Industrial racking systems are metal structures designed to support the goods in a warehouse or industrial facility. The different types of industrial racking are a key element in the smooth functioning of a warehouse and play a central role in the logistics and supply chain operations of companies.

There are types of industrial racking for each situation, storage need or unit load, but all have the advantage of optimising the available space in the warehouse compared to floor level storage.

Today’s reality, with the growth of online shopping and the need to have an extensive network of logistics and distribution centres nationwide, makes optimising space key. To meet this need we have pallet racking systems and picking solutions.

Over the years, the industrial storage systems sector has advanced from adjustable pallet racking systems to the current reality with versatile, dynamic and adaptable systems to the needs of each business.

There are various ways of classifying different types of warehouse industrial racking systems; here we will focus on non-automated storage systems and divide them into two main categories depending on the type of unit load to be stored: Pallet or Pallet Load Racking and Picking Solutions for cartons or small items.

Quality Warehouse Racking System Characteristics

It should be remembered that although industrial racking appears to be a simple product with a standard structure, in reality it is very different.

The design of storage systems from industrial racking is the result of major engineering research and innovation efforts that make it possible to create efficient structures that optimise the time and space of companies internationally.

Some key aspects for considering the quality of the different types of industrial racking are:

  1. Engineering: in the most complex storage systems, the structural calculation, load and resistance studies and seismic calculation carried out by a specialist technical team are essential.
  2. Reliable production process in each element of the structure: An automated manufacturing process, with control, traceability and quality monitoring in all phases to offer racking of the highest quality.
  3. The raw material is the base: using steels of the highest quality standards will make our racking securer and more durable.
  4. Compliance with international and local regulations: all global and specific quality regulations in every country must be complied with both in the manufacture and design of industrial racking.
  5. Tests and simulations: all the above key aspects must undergo field tests to certify the reliability of the racking elements. In AR Racking, we have a Research and Test Laboratory for this in collaboration with the University of Mondragón.

Organise a warehouse efficiently

A well-organised warehouse is essential to ensure that a company’s logistics processes are productive, effective and as agile as possible. Improving the performance of a warehouse or distribution centre is not simple as it requires sound continuous planning and depends on many elements overall, not just the storage systems.

An ideal planning for each warehouse provides exceptional benefits for the business, such as fully maximising the space, time saving in all the processes, reduction in and optimisation of costs achieving greater benefit and good organisation of the inventory.

Unfortunately, good warehouse management is not always achieved. A list is set out below of typically commented errors that hinder the correct organisation of the warehouse.

Common warehouse management errors

Lack of awareness of product location
This problem arises when the warehouse is not well organised and when warehouse personnel do not know the location of products through lack of knowledge or incorrectly labelling products with their identification code. This will delay the entire process including the customer delivery time.

Lack of space due to poor warehouse design
When the inventory or stock is stored poorly, without storing each product in its place, and when the aisles are not respected, leaving everything untidily in a corner, problems arise. This is normally due to an incorrect planning and design of the warehouse layout when it was created.

Inventory problems
Sometimes warehouses suffer a stockout for failing to have highly requested products at all times. It is essential to guarantee the customers’ goods to ensure their satisfaction and the delivery times.

Poor human resources management
Sometimes warehouse workers do not perform the processes correctly, simply because they are poorly organised, they are unfamiliar with their activities or they are overloaded with work.

How to choose a Warehouse Racking System?

In today’s global trade environment and especially with the massive boost via e-commerce, proper inventory and the streamlining of warehouse operations determines a business’s long-term viability. Warehouse planning professionals are constantly searching for the right warehouse racking system in their space planning and workflow schematics.

DNC Automation Sdn Bhd has a comprehensive array of warehouse racking systems to suit every application imaginable. However, the fundamentals of what makes a good racking system remains the same and they are:

The versatility of the racking system that can be optimised to take advantage of existing warehouse space. The type and configuration of racking system should maximise the utilisation of your existing available warehouse space.

Cost overruns are common in warehousing space set ups. It is imperative that the selection of a warehouse racking system is managed stringently and in accordance to your budget.

Determine your maximum available space that can be utilised in your intended racking system. Some critical considerations are the turnover cycles of your products, quantity, size and weight of your cargo.

A well thought out warehouse racking system must provide adequate aisle space for forklift manoeuvrability. Workplace safety is a major issue and a good warehouse racking environment help to ensure the safety of its workers and goods.

An appropriate racking system goes a long way towards better inventory management. Goods are being moved at frantic paces to meet delivery datelines, so an efficient warehouse racking system is critical.


As you can see, whether or not to have a suitable Warehouse Racking System in your warehouse is not a straightforward decision. If you have limited experience with internal logistics automation, it can be hard to assess the needs of your warehousing operation.

There are a lot of factors in play. It would be best if you considered getting a professional consultation to make an informed decision.

DNC Automation can help you discover if a Warehouse Racking System would boost your warehouse efficiency. Request a professional FREE consultation or contact us online or by phone.

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