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X-ray Machine

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//X-ray Machine

Application : X-Ray Inspection

Product packing type : Metallic, No-Metallic, Canned, Sauces and Liquids.

Contaminants : Metallic (Ferrous, Stainless Steel, Non-Ferrous, Aluminum, Brass), Non-Metallic (Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Bone, Hard rubber, hard plastic)

X-Ray Generator (Max) : 80kV/80W, 80kV/150W, 80kV/210W, 80kV/350W

Inspection sensitivity (basic detection without product effect) : SUSØ0.2mm-0.5mm, Stainless steel wire Ø0.15x2mm -0.3x2mm, Glass/Ceramic Ø1.0-2.0mm

Conveyor speed : 10-60m/min

Operating System : Windows 7

Display type : HD Touch Panel

Cooling mode : Industrial air conditioning

  • Sensor head – Stainless Steel
  • Conveyor frame – Stainless steel
  • Control box – Stainless steel

IP Protection : IP66

Surface treatment : Mirror polish/Sand blasting

Communication protocol : USB upload data/Ethernet

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