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A weighbridge or a truck scale is a set of scale which is used to weigh bulk items and mounted by the weighbridges manufacturer on a concrete surface. It has a digital monitor that displays the weight of the vehicle weighed. Weighbridges are mainly used for weighing large vehicles like trucks or rail containers where the movement of goods is done through vehicles. Reliable and accurate weighing helps the industry by giving them the exact figures to maintain their goods inward and goods outward.

The weighbridges are widely used in industries like mining, quarries, electrical equipment, iron and steel, household goods, metal, liquid industry, powder industry, where bulk movement occurs.


Industrial Weighing System Solution

The weighbridge weighs vehicles dependably and accurately, even in tough industrial environments. Each weighbridge is built to last with a rugged design, robust weight sensors, and high-quality manufacturing – all backed by industry-leading warranty options.

These rugged vehicle scales can either be surface or pit mounted, depending on the location and use of the scale. We provide a wide variety of weighbridges to suit all types of applications; Each weighbridge is fully factory assembled and performance tested prior to shipment. It can be paired with a range of indicators, software, and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution.


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